About Me

Hi and welcome!

Pull up a chair. Pick a mug and let me pour you a cup of coffee. (And please don’t mind those three half-full mugs on the counter, desk, and TV stand!)

I’m Jennifer, a woman desperately in need of Jesus, wife to an amazing motorcycle-riding techy husband, and mom to two sweet and extremely bouncy boys.

If you ever feel weary or frazzled or wonder what the heck you’re doing in some area of life, I hear ya. I have been there MANY days.

Although I’m stubborn at times to admit it, we need the support of others to really thrive. Be it in motherhood, marriage, homemaking, healthy living, or trusting God.

In recent years, God has been teaching me more about his Grace (His undeserved favor) and how to search for it in every area of my life. He is showing me how to see Him in the moments when I would typically be anxious and ready to give up.

God is the reason for my Hope. He is my Anchor in the storms of this life and really the only true lasting anchor for any of us.

I sensed Him leading me to start this blog and hope in 5 years it will be a source of encouragement, resources, and light-hearted-cozy-camaraderie for thousands of women who, like me, are ready to let go of “trying harder” and instead depend more deeply on our big loving God.

Stick around and I’ll share some of the hopeful truths with which He is encouraging me. I’ll pass on my favorite tips and I’ll send you a virtual cup o’ Joe, hug and prayer when your kid gets out of bed for the umpteenth time or you “just can’t even” with your day. ❤️

I’m so glad you’re here!

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Love and hugs to you,